What A Great Big Holiday Weekend…

Percy had a giant weekend this Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday morning we went to puppy playtime at Ahimsa in Ballard. I originally thought it was going to be great and Percy would get worn out and he’d run non-stop and play the whole time. BOY, was I wrong….

Still pathetically walking on his collar, Percy was carried into Ahimsa the promptly crawled into my purse the second playtime began. When removed from my purse he whimpered at my feet while all the other dogs played around him. In his defense he was the youngest and towards the end he seemed a little interested but not interested enough to really leave my side.

After puppy playtime Percy went home for a nap and Jessica and I headed out apartment hunting. I found a great place near my work and Percy and I will soon be moving there. He will be losing his yard but there is a dog park nearby and great places to walk. If only I could get him to do that on  leash…

Sunday morning we woke up and I again carried Percy over to my friend Kurt’s house for a pancake breakfast. Percy got to meet everyone and played in the flowers off of Kurt’s back patio. [note to Kurt: sorry my puppy ruined your flowers]

I am happy to say that Percy did manage to somehow miraculously walk all the way home from Kurt’s house! It did take up awhile but he was a little trooper and so tired once we arrived home.

Monday was Percy’s biggest day of all. I had not one but two BBQ’s at my house. Complete with other dogs for Percy to play with. Between all of the people and the other dogs chasing him around he was exhausted. All-in-all, it was a great weekend for both of us!

Naptime With Trina

Naptime With Trina

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