Less than 2 Weeks!

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Waiting for Percy to arrive has seemed like an eternity. Its become so bad that if he doesn’t arrive soon his crate will be too full of toys to house him. Last night I even dreamed about him. 11 days, 11 days….

Finally….. Pictures!

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I just got pictures of the baby boy…

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Percy…

Some Pictures

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As I sit here awaiting pictures from the breeder, here are some pictures of his previous liters:

March 24th… the baby boy is born.

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After three + years of wanting one and endless hours of searching for the right breeder, I have finally commited to getting a puggle puppy. His name will be Percy and this blog will document his adventures.

I am happy to say that on March 24, 2008 the healthy babies were born at Osage Ridge Kennel in August, Missouri. There are three boys in the litter from which I will choose. The new baby will be coming home May 19th, 2009.